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Titlecorp of America, LLC is a full service company dedicated to providing title insurance services, real estate closings, short sale transactions and related products to all of our customers. Titlecorp of America, LLC has qualified title insurance professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service ensuring that your real estate transaction proceeds flawlessly from opening of the file to closing.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff members are trained to be prompt and courteous solution providers. We utilize only highly qualified title agents and notaries to conduct your real estate transaction. You choose when and where you want to close. We have the latest equipment enabling our company to receive documents from your lenders and agents, to fully interact without a flaw. Our company has set up dedicated production teams with people working together on your transaction, while conforming to your needs. Additionally, we are familiar with numerous lender products and process flow.

Titlecorp of America, LLC has combined its strong local experience with First American Title Insurance Co. as an underwriter allowing us to provide you with one stop title insurance services statewide and beyond.

  • Titlecorp of America, LLC is headquartered in Longwood, Florida and can meet your “local” “statewide” AND nationwide closing needs.
  • Accommodations to handle your after hour closing needs.
  • Friendly and attentive, fully licensed team members with comprehensive skill sets and deep experience and industry knowledge.
  • Experience and ability to handle large scale projects.
  • Meticulous commitment to provide an error free settlement that will result in an experience without stress or anxiety.
  • Titlecorp of America, LLC has an impressive staff of experienced professionals. Each closer comes to the table with a unique style, taking pride in handling each transaction with respect, dedication and efficiency.

The bottom line, we take the extra steps to provide you with excellent service and competitive pricing! Please don’t hesitate to contact our company for all of your title insurance needs and questions you may have to get your transaction closed in a timely manner.

Corporate Office Location
300 N. Ronald Reagan Blvd.
Longwood, FL 32750

Phone: 407-629-7070
Fax: 407- 629-0722